About Galloway Wild Foods and Mark Williams

I am Mark Williams and through Galloway Wild Foods I hope to share my passion for foraging and the delicious and nutritious food that you can gather for free in the wild. I also offer guided walks and tuition on woodland, hedgerow and coastal foraging. I regularly consult on foraged ingredients with food and drinks companies and work closely with chefs, barmen, nutritionists and herbalists to explore the possibilities of our wild larder. I write regularly on foraging for national and local press and various websites.

After stumbling on my first chanterelles at 16, my fascination with wild foods swelled like a cep in the rain.  My interest in great, well-sourced food has led to jobs as a fisherman, smoker, chef,  full-time wild food forager, dairyman and now I am Scotland’s only full-time foraging tutor.

I don’t sell any wild foods – it spoils all the fun for me. But I do take great satisfaction from helping people to unlock their edible landscape and get to grips with their wild resources. I work with a diverse range of groups, from the world’s best chefs to school groups – and love seeing them all get equally excited by the amazing range of flavours and textures on offer.

I have led forays for the National Trust and RSPB and written cookery and wild food columns for various publications and consulted and appeared on several wild food programs. I am a trained mountain leader with 13 years service in Arran and now Galloway mountain rescue teams, so am a reasonably safe pair of hands, having saved more people than I have killed (none, honestly!)

Click here to read more about what I offer.

I hope this site will appeal to bushcrafters and herbalists, but my main focus is on finding, identifying, preparing, cooking and eating unpretentious but delicious wild food.

My  seasonal tips look closely at how to get familiar with whatever is in season and Tweeters among you can get daily updates on what I am finding at @markwildfood. I also regularly post information on what i’m finding on my facebook page.

The Wild Food Guide  introduces the vast array of wild foods that the UK has to offer and I have attempted a rating system to help beginners focus on the most rewarding species. The recipe pages  will hopefully offer inspiration on what to do with them. Perhaps even more important are the pages on poisonous species.

Those wishing to learn more can contact me to arrange personal tuition or join one of my organised forays.

My foraging blog charts the ups and downs of my foraging year and airs my thoughts and ramblings on foraging issues and food in general.

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Read a blog on what to expect from a forage with Mark

Watch Mark foraging and discussing wild food

View the Foraging Events Calendar

Learn more about booking private foraging tuition

Browse the Wild Food Guide

Mark with some younger foragers

8 Responses to “About Galloway Wild Foods and Mark Williams”

  1. Hello Mark from Chepstow in Wales. Your website is superb and your recipes brilliant. I did send you a tweet about oysters leaves sometime back but it must have disapeared into the the twitterness. If you ever visit Wales you must come and say hello it would be great to meet you. All the very best from fellow forager Henry

  2. colin cunningham Says:

    Hi Mark do you remember me I certainly think of you especialy at this time of year.it was you and Robin Grey that got me onto a 20 years plus passion for foraging those first forays on Arran the excitment in you when we found the first cep of the season i still get excited at my first cep of the year my foraging ground now is Argyll Lyndy tells me you now make a living teaching others you are so lucky. Unfortunatly due to a recently diagnosed hernea this year which looks like being a bumper I will not be able to do much but some of my students are bringing me plenty.hope to hear from you soon. colin

    • Hi Colin, great to hear from you. I remember foraging with you, but mostly some great days in the pools up N Glen Sannox… Really great days. So glad you got the foraging bug and it continues to provide you with food and fascination! Those were probably my most exciting times back then – the joy of the new. Still, I learn something new every day and am managing to earn a crust doing what I love. I hope your hernia gets sorted soon. If you’d like me to “keep an eye on” your cep patches while you are incapacitated, do let me know! 😉 Cheers,


  3. Linda Holt Says:

    My daughter and I joined you for the first part of your Fungus Foray in Tentsmuir Forest in Fife today, and i just wanted to say how impressed we both were, and how sorry we were that we couldn’t stay until the end. We both learnt a lot, and (already knowing a bit about fungi and foraging for the edible from books) appreciated your prudence, wisdom and up-to-date knowledge. Please let us know if you are doing any more forays in our neck of the wood because we will get all our friends to come! Thank you very much! Best wishes, Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks, i’m glad you enjoyed the walk. Its a great bit of forest. Do keep an eye on my events calendar and facebook for notification of forthcoming events.


  4. Margaret Gilder Says:

    Hi Mark I live in Cumbria and was wondering where your walks are as I want to get one as a birthday present for my Dad. He already loves going out collecting berries and fruit. I thought he would really enjoy seeing what else he can get as he says it’s food for free. Also can you bring your dog along on your walks.

    Margaret Gilder

    • Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for your enquiry. You can view my scheduled walks on my Foraging Events Calendar (see menu on right). This is currently work in progress and I am actually heading down to Cumbria tomorrow to sort out some venues for walks – so please keep checking – i’ll definitely be doing some. If that doesn’t work out for him, I can be booked for private tuition – again, see the menu on the right.
      I’m afraid I don’t usually allow dogs on my walks as they tend to pee/walk/sit on things we want to look at!
      I hope that answers your questions,
      Best wishes,

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