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Guided Wild Food Foraging in Scotland and Northern England with a full-time, fully insured wild food teacher. Please browse the calendar for a wide range of events to suit all ages, interests and levels of experience.

To learn more about what you can expect, check out this independent blog:

“Reasons to go foraging with Galloway Wild Foods”


  • Click on “See More Events” until events appear. You can then scroll up and down and click on the desired event and follow the links for full information
  • Calendar can be viewed in list or diary form, but I recommend keeping it in “Agenda” for clarity
  • Booking is usually through Mark at  call 07900 692 478 or event organiser – see individual event

Read about some foraging trips with Galloway Wild Foods

Watch some videos of Mark guiding and foraging

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The first of many 2016 courses and events are now on the calendar (starting in March). More will be posted here as they become available.

Can’t see the event for you?

I am available for private bookings throughout the year. Please get in touch for an info sheet.


In the pipeline for 2016…

  • Bushcraft weekends featuring wild food, medicine, navigation
  • Talks, lectures and demonstrations
  • More Fungi forays across Scotland and the Lake District
  • Canoe adventures
  • Fish, forage & feast days
  • Coastal foraging
  • Gourmet days
  • Wild booze walks





Some details may change – please always check this page before setting off to an event.

All outdoor events require you bring/wear:

  • Stout footwear (ideally walking boots or wellies)
  • Waterproofs
  • Drinking water

You may also like to bring:

  • A guide book (useful for making comparisons)
  • A notebook/camera
  • A small basket or cloth bag (all finds are communal, and shared out or cooked afterwards)
  • Some food (cook-ins are tasters – not meals unless specifically advertised as such)


Would you like me to lead a forage or talk about wild food in your area? For your group or community? At your business or event? I can travel to anywhere in the UK. Every event I have run with businesses and community groups has made them money. Please get in touch to see what might work for you.






“I attended the wild food “foray” arranged by Mark, on 13 August on the Cardoness Estate. The event was brilliant and I would highly recommend it to anybody and everybody.The entusiasm and passion that Mark has for wild foods is infectious. Thank you for a very entertaining, informative and different afternoon. Jane.”

Cooking chanterelles on Cardoness beach


25 Responses to “Foraging Events Calendar”

  1. Hi, I would have loved to bring the kids on one of your forages but I see they are Saturdays and I work on Saturdays

    • Hi Emma, Sorry that the timings don’t fit. Keep an eye on the events calendar as I am likely to add and amend. Also, if you can gather together more people with an interest in foraging in your area, perhaps I could come and give you some tuition close to home? Have a look at the foraging tuition page and get in touch if you want to work something out.
      Best wishes,

  2. Hi Mark,

    i wanted to thanks you for a fantastic foraging day in the woods yesterday, Slippery Jacks are drying & Ceps are being consumed tonight with our own eggs from the hens in the garden. Think Phil & I are hooked!!

    Cheers Rosie x

    • Hi Rosie, Thanks, I enjoyed it too. WARNING – foraging is highly addictive and may cause neck pain and seriously impare proper walking! I will be publishing a full blog on this highly infectious ailment (influenza mycologica) soon. Mark.

      • Hi mark,

        looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Gatehouse, the neck has been gettign sore on my daily dog walks, they’ve taken on a different meaning since foraging with you & friends in the woods. Let’s hope for great weather, yours infected.

        Rosie x

  3. Thanks for a great day on Sunday. As a chef I never felt comfortable picking wild foods or foraging, apart from wild garlic that grows near the kitchen. After Sunday I cant wait till next season to get out an fill my basket ( hopefully ).
    Keep up the good work and hope to get out on a costal forage next year!!

    • Cheers Jamie, i’m sure I will regret getting you started in a year or two when all my favourite spot have been cleared out! Remember to keep the best mushrooms for friends and family, not the restaurant!

  4. hi mark
    have you any plansto travel to foreign parts [ ayrshire]
    with your courses

    please let me know


    • Hi John,
      I don’t currently have any plans for events in Ayrshire. If you know some other people who might be interested, we could work out a venue for me to come and give some tuition? Otherwise there are plans afoot for another forage near St Johns town of Dalry – which isn’t tooo far from Ayrshire…
      Watch this space.

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  6. Can’t make Sept 23rd, have to be in Lancaster
    When’s the next?
    and the next?
    and the next?
    Where in Galloway are you?


    • Hi Anita, I will be adding new events to this page and my Facebook events page as they get organised – please keep an eye on them.
      I am based in Gatehouse of Fleet, but my events take place all around the region and beyond.
      Please check out my foraging tuition page – I could come to you and your group.
      (Sorry for the delay – as with most comments pages, I need to authorise your comment before it appears)
      I hope to meet you at an event soon.

  7. Jane McKinnie Says:

    Hi Mark great day once again on Arran could you possibly send me the link for the Parkin you baked and gave us yesterday ,thank you jane

  8. Lucy Black Says:

    Hey Mark. Can you tell me please how do I book for the Cail Bruich in Glasgow event on 13th April? Can’t see anything on their website, although my mum phoned me specifically today to tell me they are advertising it on a board outside! Thanks, Lucy

  9. Hi Mark,

    I’m heading up to the west coast of Scotland with some friends in early June (Loch Sunart). I saw a while back you did a wild food foraging trip near Strontian. Do you have any plans to run more of these in this area? – even if not in June i have family that are regularly up there and would be interested to know more,



    • Hi George,
      We have discussed running another foray up there in late summer/autumn but we haven’t finalised anything yet.
      Please keep an eye here. I’m planning a newsletter to keep people abreast of issues.

  10. Bev Socas Says:

    hi, i have just found your site, and i think it is amazing.
    I collect wild fruit from the highlands of Scotland and mix with herbs, to make therapeutic jams, that i sell at Farmers Markets.
    I would love to know how much you would charge for a small group, myself daughter and 2 friends, to do one of your amazing foraging workshops. in or around Elgin, I am so lucky where i live, the beach/sea to the back of me, a natural wood to my left and a forrest to my right and not forgetting the rolling hills in front of me.
    Hope you reply and we can meet up
    thanks bev

    • Hi Bev,
      Thanks for getting in touch – glad you like the site.
      I charge £50 per hour for groups up to 10 peope, based on a minimum of 3 hours. But to come all the way to Elgin, i’d need to charge an additional £200 for my travel time and expense and a minimum 4 hours tuition, so you are looking at £400 minimum. One way around this is to get more people along to share the cost, or promote the event yourself – I can do events for up to 20 people. See my Foraging Tuition and Private Bookings page:
      Also, I have some bookings already in Aberdeenshire, so if you book me for when I am up anyway, I can knock off a lot of my travel time/expense. I am in the area this weekend and could do a workshop with you on Monday, possibly Tuesday if you want – price £200. I’ve just had another enquiry on Twitter from somebody in your area. If it wasn’t you, I could put you in touch?
      Probably best to communicate by email if you wish to discuss further: – 07900692478
      Hope to hear from you soon,
      Happy foraging,

  11. Hilary Stewart Says:

    Hi, do you ever give talks on foraging? I am chairman of Berwick Upon Tweed U3A and would love to get someone to come and talk to us some time next year. Would this be possible? If so, what would it cost?

    Hilary Stewart

  12. Sean O'Sullivan Says:

    Mark, Thanks for a great afternoon. I learned lots at your Bute Community Forest forage and will definitely be looking for more food closer to home soon. All the best, Sean

  13. Hi,

    I have been trying to get in touch with you but to no avail.

    we were bought a voucher for Christmas last year and have been looking for events near Dumfries. We were told these would be available but so far we have not found anything near us. The voucher runs out at the end of January 2015. Can it please be extended.

    • Hi Bernie,

      I ran 16 public events last year around Dumfries and Galloway (including one in Dumfries), all publicised on my events calendar. I recommend you sign up to my eNewsletter for monthly updates of forthcoming events.
      My email address is clearly displayed on my Contact page and the voucher. I also regularly answer queries Twitter and Facebook. I hadn’t noticed any of your efforts to get in touch – sorry.
      I’d be happy to extend the voucher for 6 months if you email me the code (to
      Best wishes,

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