Sea Radish identification, distribution and edibility

Sea Radish – Raphanus Maritimus

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  • Edibility – 4 – Leaves, flowers and young seed pods (seliques). The flavour is wonderfully radishy.
  • Identification – 3 – Confusion only likely with other edible brassicas
  • Distribution –  5 –  in Galloway and many areas of SW Scotland it is the predominant coastal plant. Also on South and West coast of the UK – though wild mustard replaces its ecological niche in some areas.
  • Season – Leaves all year, flowers May – November, Seliques July – September
  • Habitat – Predominantly on shingle foreshore and machar

Wild radish (raphanus raphanistrum) is very similar with pink/white or yellow flowers. Also edible.

See seasonal notes article on sea radish.

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