The Blusher – Edibility, Identification, Distribution

Amanita rubescens

The Blusher

The Blusher

  • Edibility – 3/5 – Must be cooked: chop, boil in salted water for 5 mins, discard water, rinse, then use as usual.
  • Identification – 1/5 – Can be confused with other poisonous or deadly Amanitas – especially Panther Cap which does not have a grooved ring and does have a distinct rim on its volva. Despite being very easy to find, the blusher is not a beginners mushroom – never munch on a hunch!
  • Distribution  – 5/5 – Very common indeed
  • Season: June – November
  • Habitat: most conifers and deciduous trees, but especially birch, beech and pine.

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