Summer Coastal Foraging Walk 2, Galloway


Saturday, 29 June 2019
1.00pm - 5.30pm

Guided summer coastal foraging walk exploring the seaweeds, coastal succulent plants and maritime herbs of Garlieston Bay, SW Scotland.



A guided forage exploring coastal greens, seaweeds, succulents and herbs, with a wild cook-in of our finds afterwards.

The coast offers a remarkable range and abundance of healthy, gourmet wild foods to foragers. Succulent plants of the salt marsh, maritime herbs and tasty, nutritious seaweeds are in plentiful supply in June. Hedgerow plants grow bigger and tastier. This course is designed to help you make the most of them all. Both novice and more experienced foragers will find this an inspiring, fun, informative and a truly memorable afternoon connecting with nature in a beautiful location. There will be treats and tasters throughout. Wellies are essential.

Over the course of the walk, you will receive expert tuition on how to find, identify, mindfully harvest, preserve, cook and enjoy 30+ wild edibles.

As with all Galloway Wild Foods events, this walk is guided by Mark Williams who has been teaching about foraging for over 25 years.

Time/Date: Saturday, 29th June, 1pm – 5.30pm.

Meeting Place: Garlieston Sea Front. See map in tab. Postcode DG8 8BA will get you to the sea front. Then turn Left and drive North for 200 metres until you see a small parking area on the Right by the sea wall.

Expect: About 1.5 miles of gentle walking over mixed coastal terrain. The route is suitable for anyone of moderate fitness who is comfortable moving over rocky foreshore, slippery rocks and muddy sand flats.

Learn: Coastal plants of sand, shingle and salt marsh; maritime hedgerow plants; some seaweeds (this location isn’t great for the full range of seaweeds, but we will explore what is there, and I will bring samples from elsewhere). Finding, identification, poisonous lookalikes, mindful harvesting, expert tips, folklore/traditional uses, modern gourmet/medicinal uses, nutrition, processing, recipes, cooking tips. Inevitably, the wider politics around foraging and food will come up too. When time and weather allow, we lay out and label our finds to serve as a souvenir and aide-memoire of the afternoon’s discoveries. Shellfish are out of season in the summer, but we will still discuss them.

Sea Arrowgrass Spears

Eat/drink: I think it is important to bring the wild foods we encounter to life by not just talking about them, but by eating and drinking them.   I carry a very hefty bagful of lovingly prepared treats, tasters and tipples to share during the walk. These are both tasty and educational, and the walk is more like guided grazing, a gentle imbibing of the landscape, than a route march! The cook-in afterwards serves as both an al-fresco cookery demonstration and a social time to eat together and digest the afternoon’s discoveries with new friends in a beautiful location.  While I don’t bill this as a full meal most people leave well filled. All dietary requirements can be catered for, provided you let me know when you book.

Bring: Wellies (essential – expect to get wet feet if you don’t have them), weather-appropriate clothing, water. Your learning and enjoyment may also benefit from bringing camera, notebook, field guide (plants/seaweed), small basket/cloth bag. If you make any foraged delights you wish to share with the group, please bring them along!

Places are limited and events usually sell out fast – booking is essential.

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On all walks, for your comfort and safety, walking boots/wellies, waterproofs and spare clothes are necessary. I always recommend wellies for coastal foraging events – you are likely to get wet feet if you don’t have them!

Please bring your own drinking water.

Your learning and enjoyment may also benefit from bringing a camera, notebook, field guide, small basket/cloth bag. Feel free to bring along any of your own wild food preparations to share and talk about.

My very friendly, calm dog occasionally accompanies me on guided walks. He is not a distraction, and often adds to the entertainment as he tends to like to copy my foraging antics! If you have a specific aversion to dogs, please check with me before booking – I don’t necessarily need to bring him. The one thing that makes him more of a handful is other dogs (he will constantly want to play with them, especially if they are ladies!), so please check in with me first if you might like to bring your own dog.

Please contact mark on or 07900 692 478 if you have specific questions that are not answered here, or if you are running late on the day.

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