Fungi Foraging Walk, Fort Augustus


Sunday, 29 September 2019
13:00 - 17:30

A guided forage exploring the fascinating world of wild fungi in a remarkable highland forest with two of the UK’s leading wild food educators. Enjoy a wild cook-in of our finds in the forest afterwards.



September is high fungi season in the highlands and this event is designed to make the most of it. Over the course of about 1.5 miles of easy walking over 3 hours we will explore the fascinating world of fungi, then cook and label some of our finds afterwards. While our main focus will be on fungi, we will not ignore the tasty plants that share the forest.

Your hosts for the day will be Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods and John Rensten of Forage London, author of The Edible City (who is up north for what he calls “Mushroom Tourism”).


Both Mark and John are passionate mycophiles, wild gastronomers and professional wild food educators, who have over 40 years experience teaching about wild mushrooms between them. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for wild fungi make this often daunting subject fun and accessible to novices, while providing solid foundations for a lifetime of discovery, enjoyment, worry-free wild eating and a wider appreciation of the crucial role fungi play in the environment. Both write widely on this subject and work closely with leading mycologists, landowner/conservation organisations such as The National Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Check out Mark’s free online wild fungi guide here.

Read, listen, watch more about Mark Williams and Galloway Wild Foods.

We will be selecting a very mushroomy bit of mixed forest with a potentially huge range of fungi, but due to the fickle nature of mushrooms it is not possible to guarantee what we will find on the day.

Location: Within 30 minutes drive of Fort Augustus. Full details of our meeting place will be supplied by email to ticket holders in the week prior to the event.

Date: Sunday 29thth September 2019

Start time: Arrive in time for a 1pm start

Finish time: Around 5.30pm

Cost: Adults £75 Children aged 12 to 16:  £35

Expect: Up to 1.5 miles gentle walking on well made paths over 3 hours followed by and informal al-fresco cook-in of our finds. There will be wild treats and tasters to enjoy throughout.


  • The important role fungi plays in nature
  • How to go about identifying important families and species of fungi
  • How to home in on the most rewarding edible species
  • How to recognise dangerously poisonous species
  • Medicinal and utilitarian uses
  • Sustainable harvesting practices
  • Preservation and cooking techniques
  • Key resources for taking your personal learning forward
  • Other autumn woodland wild foods

When time and weather allow, we lay out and label our finds to serve as a souvenir and aide-memoire of the afternoon’s discoveries.

Eat/drink: Mark and John think it is important to bring the wild foods we encounter to life by not just talking about them, but by eating and drinking them. To this end, in addition to the cook-in at the end, we carry a very hefty bagful of lovingly prepared treats, tasters and tipples to share during the walk. These are both delicious and educational, and the walk is more like guided grazing, a gentle imbibing of the landscape, than a route march! The cook-in afterwards serves as both an al-fresco cookery demonstration and a social time to eat together and digest the afternoon’s discoveries with new friends as we lay out and label our discoveries. All dietary requirements can be catered for, provided you let us know when you book.

Please Note: We are unlikely to have much shelter at this location, so the cooking session may not be possible if the weather is bad.


Essential: Stout footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, drinking water

Optional: A small basket or cloth bag, notebook, camera, fungi field guide if you have one. If you make any foraged delights at home and would like to share them with the group, please bring them along!

Please read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION tab on this page before booking and again before setting off for the event.

Please note: I do not recommend this event for children under 12 years old. Dogs by prior arrangement only.

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  • Medical conditions
  • Mobility issues
  • Eating restrictions – differentiating between preferences (e.g. vegetarian), intolerances (e.g. gluten intolerance) and serious allergies (e.g. peanut allergy). All requirements can usually be catered for, but these differentiations are required for risk assessments.

Please ensure that  all members of your party come suitably dressed for the weather, season and event.

On all walks, for your comfort and safety, walking boots/wellies, waterproofs and spare clothes are necessary. I always recommend wellies for coastal foraging events – you are likely to get wet feet if you don’t have them!

Please bring your own drinking water.

Your learning and enjoyment may also benefit from bringing a camera, notebook, field guide, small basket/cloth bag. Feel free to bring along any of your own wild food preparations to share and talk about.

My very friendly, calm dog occasionally accompanies me on guided walks. He is not a distraction, and often adds to the entertainment as he tends to like to copy my foraging antics! If you have a specific aversion to dogs, please check with me before booking – I don’t necessarily need to bring him. The one thing that makes him more of a handful is other dogs (he will constantly want to play with them, especially if they are ladies!), so please check in with me first if you might like to bring your own dog.

Please contact mark on or 07900 692 478 if you have specific questions that are not answered here, or if you are running late on the day.

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