Gourmet Wild Food Tasting Menu

If you are thinking of coming on one of my gourmet foraging days, this should give you an idea of what you might expect for lunch.

The menu usually includes at least 60 of Galloway’s finest wild foods – all picked within 10 miles of where you will eat them. You will have encountered many of them in the wild during the learning part of your day. Almost all non wild ingredients are organic and sourced within Dumfries and Galloway, or at least Scotland.

To showcase foraged ingredients, menus tend to be predominantly, though not exclusively, vegetarian. All meat and fish used is wild. Let me know on booking if you have any dietary restrictions and I will accommodate you.

The meal is served on our large verandah with breathtaking views up the Fleet Valley to the granite peak of Cairnsmore.

The View from Cairnsview

The View from Cairnsview

“Thanks for a fantastic day out yesterday! Chanterelles galore followed by a most relaxing 3-hour lunch on a sun-drenched terrace. Followed by more foraging on the beach. Brilliant, I will be back.” – Eva Milroy



Wild Food Tasting Menu – Galloway Wild Foods – Sunday 21st September 2014

80% of Ingredients Foraged Within The Fleet Valley – In sight of where you will eat the meal

Elderflower Champagne, Wild Cherry Syrup

Filthy Dirty Martini – The Botanist Gin, wild mountain amaro, ground ivy & applemint shrub, knotweed & sweet cicely infusion, 9 carrot bitters, bladderwrack capers

Wild Whisky Sour – Whisky, sea buckthorn juice, birch syrup, cloveroot, foraged bitters

Oak Leaf Wine

Wild Sushi – With sea radish, smoked mussels, sea aster, arsesmart, sea rocket ‘wasabi’. Magnolia petal and ramson bud pickles

Ceviche of Solway Spoot Clams – Crab apple & sorrel verjus, sea sandwort, cori grass

Three Sorrel Soup, Sourdough

Dandelion & Nettle, and Laver & Smoked Mussel Mini Puddings

Cara’s Tomatos & Fermented Ramson Salad, elderberry vinegar

Smoked Haddock, Sea Beet and Laver Tart, mushroom pastry

Cep, Bacon & Parmesan Tart, seaweed pastry

The Day’s Fungi Finds, Flambéed in Apple Brandy

Cha-Cha Bomb – A shot of truffled, chanterelle, chaga & cep schnapps

Ultimate Mushroom Risotto – With cep, truffle, puffball, hedgehog fungi, wild thyme, yarrow

Galloway Cheeses, Seaweed Oatcakes & Quince Jelly

Mmmead – With Galloway Honey, Water of Fleet, Mugwort, Meadowsweet & Meu

 Elderberry Ice Cream – With rose, sloe gin, boozy damsons, cloveroot

 A Selection of Foraged Amaros, Wild Schnapps, Fruit Liqueurs

Chaga Tea, Herbal Infusions

Candied Mint & Cloveroot , Sloe Jelly Ear Delight


See the foraging events calendar for details of this year’s gourmet foraging days

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