Seaweeds – Edibility, Identification, Nutrition, Distribution

Seaweed is a remarkable wild food resource, offering nourishment, medicine and delicious flavour if you know what to pick and what to do with it.

Click on species below for in-depth information on identification, distribution, harvesting, cooking and recipes for individual species.

I recommend reading my Introduction to Seaweed Foraging first, which includes information on safe, legal and mindful harvesting, medicinal properties and general information on how to cook with seaweeds.

pepper dulse close upPepper dulse

Osmundea pinnatifida





 laver, nori, seaweed, foraging, edibility, identification, wild foodLaver (AKA Nori)

Porphyra spp





dulse on rockDulse

Palmaria palmata





 Sea lettuce

Ulva lactuca and Ulva rigida





seaweed underwater tubular weed

Dumont’s tubular weed

Dumontia contorta






Carrageen & False Carrageen

Chrondus crispus

mastocarpus stellatus




sea spaghetti

Sea Spaghetti

Himanthalia elongata







Ulva intestinalis

Ulva linza




Sugar Kelp

Saccharina latissima





oarweed l digitata wiki

Forest kelp & Oarweed

Laminaria digitata

Laminaria hyperborea



egg wrack close

The Wracks

Egg wrack, Spiral wrack, Tooth wrack, Bladder wrack, Channel wrack




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