Corona Virus and Galloway Wild Foods Events

In light of the current public health situation around Corona Virus/Covid 19, and based on the latest government advice to slow the contagion,


EVENTS FROM JUNE ONWARD WILL BE REASSESSED ON 1st OF THE MONTH PRECEEDING THEM – Please check back to this page and your event listing at that time, as this is where I will publish the latest information.

If you are a ticket holder for a postponed event, I will email you with a voucher to the same value as your tickets, for use against future events, and valid for 2 years. There is no need to request this – I will send it, but would be grateful for your patience. Please read my Terms and Conditions, with special measures around Corona Virus.

I am currently offering 1 to 1 remote Wild Food Mentoring, and you could spend your voucher on this if you prefer.

Wild Food Mentoring

You can, of course, request a refund for any cancelled event, but I would very much appreciate it if you would accept a voucher. I am self-employed and this work is my only income. At present the government’s financial support measures are very vague for the self employed.  That said, I realise that this will be a time of increased hardship for many people, and will do my best to accommodate everyone’s needs.

If you have booked a private event, I will email you to discuss arrangements.

If you do need to contact me about a booking, please clearly title your email with the full name and date of the event about which you are corresponding, and include your booking confirmation.

It is clearly hard to say when things will begin to return to the new normal, but when things do settle down, connecting with nature will be more important than ever and I will be scheduling more events than ever.


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  • Lorraine Allan says:

    So pleased to hear that we will receive a voucher that can be redeemed within 2 years as I have a voucher for £60 …

    • Mark Williams says:

      Hi Lorraine, No problem. If this was an existing voucher (ie.Not one issued for a C19 postponed event), just contact me by email near the end of its expiry period, quoting the voucher code, and i’ll extend its validity. 🙂

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