Seaweeds – Edibility, Identification, Nutrition, Distribution

For the anxious forager, seaweeds offer great returns at minimal risk. In UK waters there are no poisonous seaweeds to worry about, provided you are harvesting live seaweed from the shore in clean waters. That isn’t to say that you will find them all delicious, but many are. Some don’t have remarkable flavours themselves, but can turbo-charge recipes with goodness and bring out other flavours.

The key to foraging and using seaweeds successfully in the kitchen is learning when and how to gather the most rewarding species, and what to do with them when you get them home. This is very species-specific. Click on the species below to learn more…

pepper dulse close upPepper dulse





 laver, nori, seaweed, foraging, edibility, identification, wild foodLaver (Nori)












More seaweeds coming here soon!

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